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Meet Liette

As with many coaches, I have all sort of experiences that led to defining my career. I believe however that there’s also a need for education, both formal and informal, to balance this out. I have these. I’m a Professional Certified Life Coach.​

Personally, I’m a Wife, Mom, Ma’amma, Believer, and Friend. I’m a high-energy, determined, personable woman who is willing to do what it takes to help you self-discover, gain insight, release baggage, and/or reach your goals. I have a great understanding of people and perspective — that is, the combination of experiences, values, and beliefs. I have a great understanding of people and personal finances, and of what can happen when these two get together. I also have a great understanding of people who feel stuck, generally because (even subconsciously) they are not being true to who they really are, what they really want in life. I’m passionate about life change and I have qualifications to boot.

Liette Collier

Liette M. Collier
BA.Psych. (Hons), BA.Org.M., CANC, M.Ed., CTRTC

My education, quick overview, includes:

  • BA in Psychology (hons. with distinction)​
  • BA in Organizational Management (with distinction)​
  • M.Ed. in Adult Education (UNB)

My certifications:​

  • Centre for Applied Neuroscience Coaching [NeuroPsychoidiology Life Coach] (CANC)
  • Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, & Lead Management (CTRTC) WGI-Canada
  • Christian Lay Counsellor

My affiliations:

I have over 25 years experience as a facilitator/coach, CAN certified in 2010, and continue to expand my qualifications. How can I help you?


My confidence is back!

I just want to say I can't thank you enough for all the help you gave me and everything you taught me. It's helped me tremendously to be able to move forward in life and how to react to people and how to react to the struggles in my own life so much better... my confidence is back and taking my life back!


I would refer clients to her without hesitation

[Liette] brings many strengths to the world of coaching. She knows how to connect with people, she has a proven questioning process and people are naturally drawn to her for assistance. She demonstrates empathy and compassion for her clients but is also prepared to hold them accountable for their own behavior... I would refer clients to her without hesitation.

Maureen Craig McIntosh, LCT, ACC - Personal and Executive Coach

A top-notch provider of education and mental health services

As a professional counsellor, who has served on the professional awards committee for the American Counseling Association, I have seen some excellent therapists. I consider Liette to be a top-notch provider of education and mental health services, who is on track to reach the top of her field.

Neil Soggie, PhD

Never did I have a client return unsatisfied

I am a Case Manager for the Department of Social Development, Income Assistance.

I have worked with Liette Collier for several years now in the capacity of her facilitating a life skills program to which I referred clients from my caseload. It was one of my most successful tools, with close to 100% percent progression rate amongst those who started the program. While Liette was not the only facilitator working the program, she was the one whom I requested for my clients, especially those who I considered to be “hard to crack” cases.

My clients, male or female, young or “older”, would return to my office and tell me how much Liette helped them and believed in them. Never did I have a client return unsatisfied.

Melanie Lalonde-Steele - Case Manager, Department of Social Development, Income Assistance