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This is a New Day!

As the world recreates itself in light of Covid-19, where do you stand? There seems to be so much information coming at us. Some conflicting, some confusing. Households are being impacted in unpredictable ways. People don’t know where to turn. How about you? Is your head above water?

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Enjoying the Season!

Can you feel it in the air? As the holidays approach, what should be excitement is mixed with panic, acts of kindness are intermingled with selfishness, and there’s feigned happiness covering fear! All the expectations, all the pressures! Christmas is coming. It should be perfect! But in the back of our mind is January. January? Yes, January! With its slow trickle of bills arriving, coincidentally at the same time as snow, ice, and cold, followed by mood drops. And this happens every year. Why? People anticipating the holidays will spend whether they have the money or not! We’ve no choice, right? We’ll deal with it later. So then the holidays are barely passed and the panic takes over. Can’t there be another way to do this year after year? The answer is yes. I want to share a few ideas that can help take some of the weight off of the holidays.

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Scary Coach Syndrome

I’ve seen it again and again. When I host a table at a fair or an expo, it’s especially prevalent ~Scary Coach Syndrome. From a coach’s perspective, I find it somewhat amusing to prepare to greet both potential clients and those who are mostly curious and, in this, to watch fair or expo attendees’ reactions as they realize that I am a Life Coach.

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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem. Seize the Day.

It’s been a long icy cold winter. Finally, Spring has sprung. One might be thinking that finally the cloud will lift and moods will lighten once again. One might even think that just like that, it’s done. But just like with any season, traces of it can be visible, even for a little while, into the next. Just like that little skiff of snow this morning covering the mud, finding the happy sunshiny skip in our step can be covered by the weight of winter’s mood. But we don’t have to stay there. Here are a few things that can be done to take steps forward and seize the day.

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Life Words!


What’s on my mind as 2018 comes to an end? Words…

I had a conversation recently about words, again. For the past many years, I set yearly words not resolutions. A word per year becomes my focus and reset button, allowing grace and self-forgiveness as I strive to become a better me. Resolutions, for me, set my driven personality on perfection mode leading to guilt and usually failure (if it’s not perfect, it’s a failure to A types). I needed a better method. Words. Continue reading

Seize the Day Open House

Seize the Day Life Coaching hosted an Open House on December 11th, 2018, in order to introduce its impressive venue. Supporters and potential service providers were treated to a generous wine and cheese display. Each guest had opportunity to tour the remarkable venue, which includes Seize the Day’s office and group space, a professional and well-equipped boardroom, a eye-catching interactive presentation and workshop room, and a modern computer hub. Continue reading