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Coaching and Courses

Seize the Day Life Coaching offers Individual and Group Coaching Sessions, Workshops, Presentations, Discovery Series, and Retreats, each relevant to self-discovery and personal development in realization of one’s personal potential towards fullness of life experience. We will seek to focus mainly on the individual client(s) but will also diversify by offering our services to businesses and organizations in growth or team-building events.

Though each of these is a group format, they are comprised of individuals who in general share thoughts and experiences, and often this can assist others in gaining insights. Moreover, by coaching for insightful discoveries, group members gain their ‘ah-ha’ moments as each are personally ready, which helps others in their own breakthroughs. 

Group Sessions are offered weekly or bi-weekly, allowing individuals to connect and grow together in discovery through the sharing of experience. These will cover many topics such as self-esteem, positive psychology overviews and perspectives, choosing health (see the 7 Elements of Health list above), as well as numerous other themes related to self-development and self-discovery.

The Workshops are stand-alone, focused, and with more intensity. These are opportunities for groups to address specific topics deeply. Examples include an interactive view of positive psychology or an interactive exploration of personal finances. These may be hosted for various lengths of time, from a 1-hour Lunch & Learn format to a 1‑day event.

By extending the Seize the Day Life Coaching to the business community through Team-Building Workshops, individual perspectives can allow the opportunity for teams to gel, or to modify their current procedures to the benefit of all. Again, an insight-focused growth or team-building event, as example, can have a great effect on corporate culture and morale.

Presentations (Motivational and Introductory) are specialty offerings. In one, Motivational topics from the 7 Elements of Health or from Positive Psychology may be presented, whereas, in the second, a group wanting to understand or lightly experience the concept of Seize the Day Life Coaching with minimal group interaction would request this 1 to 2-hour offering. 

Discovery Series are comprised of 10-day to 10-week curriculum series allowing small groups of participants to learn, grow, and discover together at deeper levels of understanding. These will bring greater intensity to the question of ‘Who am I?’. 

Retreats are purposefully more intense and intentionally revealing. They can merge individuals or serve pre-formed groups. They will encompass a minimum of 2 days/1 night and could last up to 1 week. These will be developed in conjunction with trusted hospitality partners and may include other coaches, health and wellness professionals, counselors, and/or motivational speakers.