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Discovery Series

As a unique stream in coaching, Seize the Day Life Coaching offers Discovery Series. Discovery Series has various programs that are created in-house which are purposefully thorough, deep, and intense. Discovery Series represents 10-day to 10-week curriculum series allowing small groups of participants to learn, grow, and discover together at deeper levels of understanding. These bring greater intensity to the question of ‘Who am I?’.  Join a Discovery Series Program today!

My Financial Freedom is offered to individuals or couples. It’s an interactive personal finance program that examines a person’s love/hate relationship with money, its impact on other relationships, and the individual or couple’s journey towards freedom as they discover release from financial stress. While ultimately, becoming debt-free would be great, becoming financially healthy would be better, and becoming financially healthy AND debt-free would be best! We teach this! A comprehensive, interactive, and equipping journey as we learn that money problems aren’t always about money! 7 sessions. Workbook provided. Release date, March 4, 2019

My Financial Freedom Testimonial: 

This course was an amazing experience. We weren't simply taught how to manage our money, we also learned about how we each approach money as individuals and from there we were able to look at how we can better handle our money TOGETHER. Now we are equipped and able to work together to use our money as a tool to reach our goals. We feel confident in making our own budgets and have the skills we need to stick to it. Liette is so encouraging, knowledgeable and helpful. She really is excellent at what she does. Anyone and everyone should take this course! You will be all the better for it! 

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For Such a Time as This: My Reset Journey!

I’ve been readying for this for quite a while. Here we go!

For Such a Time as This: My Reset Journey. ~An opportunity to embrace a new path, to do things differently, to commit and change life as you know it.

My Reset Journey

…So, what is IT for you?

Are you preparing for life change? A new job? A new address? Maybe it’s deeper. A new you? A changed you? A healed you? Is it better health? Self-care? Exercise? Weight loss? Could it be preparing to welcome a life partner? Or a new addition? A child or a step-family? Maybe it’s time to embrace a dream? Or face a new challenge? Perhaps, to receive that which you’re not sure you deserve? That which you’ve avoided? Maybe you don’t know what IT is but you know that it’s time to embrace a new path, to do things differently, to commit to change life as you know it! You are NOT alone!

So, what is it? What’s YOUR Reset?

I created this because I want you to CHASE your purpose and your goals with a FOCUSED heart!

Let me share how this works? We meet weekly over 10 consecutive weeks (2.5-hour meetings) to initially introduce the program, to choose our goals, and to grow as we study together. What a great opportunity to seek as much personally supportive accountability as you want as you move towards your goal. This symbolizes Relational Health.

Actually, the whole program not only encompasses but also brings challenge to all 7 areas of Whole Health reflective of Seize the Day Life Coaching’s ‘Reveal (what’s holding you back). Release (let it go). Transform (be you!).’ It’s a beautiful blend of Whole Health, Choice Theory, and Positive Psychology.

The interactive Discovery Workbook allows every participant to journal and records both basic self-care measures (hours slept, water intake) as well as insightful revelations. Physical Health includes challenging daily food intake ~”all that feeds and fuels our bodies” as well as whatever is chosen for exercise ~”the only requirement is to move.” There’s more!! Included in this comprehensive health focused Discovery Workbook are 10 healthy and easy recipes to help with personal menus.

More so, we will evaluate the current mood (Emotional Health) and challenge it in Today I Choose (a preferred mood/attitude recording). Mental Health is monitored through the areas of Daily AffirmationsMy InsightsMy Desire, and based on Today’s Goal, will describe Today’s Challenge, declare Today’s Strength, and let go of Today’s Release.

For Spiritual Health, we will explore the story of Esther in reflection on the characters and choices made while searching for applicable discoveries. Insights will be jot down in My Reading Reflection, as well as noting a personal overview of the day in My Journal, and resolving the Tomorrow I Will statement. Fact: While this story is originally from the Bible (God is not mentioned), this program is directed to all, men and women, believers or not. This is not a Bible study but an opportunity to evaluate and apply character traits, supporting Positive Psychology’s statement that we are all capable of change.

Finally, Financial Health looks at ‘counting all cost’ to choices and actions, to honoring needs, and to applying a moderate and reasonable yet flexible 10-week spending freeze on wants with an overall goal of bringing our focus in, keeping distractions at bay, and quieting the self to openness to Reset. Reflection is measured in My Reflection Review gathering the growth points together allowing opportunity to assess whether the Reset point need to be reevaluated or revised.

For Such a Time as This: My Reset Journey is just this, a program that brings a measure of balance to the 7 intertwined areas of Whole Health, an interactive opportunity to grow while journeying together regardless of individual chosen Reset points. Are you ready to Reset?

And there’s even more! If you are ready now, NOW is the time! Valued at $497.

But wait… Until further determined, (due to Covid), I’m offering a $100 saving on this 10-week Reset opportunity. Don’t wait!

Until further determined, it’s yours for only $397!

Awaken explores the depth of a person’s identity, from the Who am I to the Why am I? The ultimate self-discovery encounter. Includes a thorough investigation of self, goal setting & action planning skills, and one’s best career fit. Practical application. 30 sessions. Workbook provided. Release date, tbd.

More programs to come...