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Discovery Series

As a unique stream in coaching, Seize the Day Life Coaching offers Discovery Series. Discovery Series has various programs that are created in-house which are purposefully thorough, deep, and intense. Discovery Series represents 10-day to 10-week curriculum series allowing small groups of participants to learn, grow, and discover together at deeper levels of understanding. These bring greater intensity to the question of ‘Who am I?’.  Join a Discovery Series Program today!

My Financial Freedom is offered to individuals or couples. It’s an interactive personal finance program that examines a person’s love/hate relationship with money, its impact on other relationships, and the individual or couple’s journey towards freedom as they discover release from financial stress. While ultimately, becoming debt-free would be great, becoming financially healthy would be better, and becoming financially healthy AND debt-free would be best! We teach this! A comprehensive, interactive, and equipping journey as we learn that money problems aren’t always about money! 7 sessions. Workbook provided. Release date, March 4, 2019

For Such a Time as This is the ultimate reset experience. "...So, what is it for you? Are you preparing for life change? A new job? A new address? Maybe it's deeper. A new you? A changed you? A healed you? Is it better health? Self-care? Exercise? Weight loss? Could it be preparing to welcome a life partner? Or a new addition? A child or a step-family? Maybe it's time to embrace a dream? Or face a new challenge? Perhaps, to receive that which you're not sure you deserve? That which you've avoided? So, what is it? What's YOUR Reset?"

Offered to individual who are about to embark on a new life or career direction, on a focused lifestyle change, or on any fresh path that would be solidified and enhanced with a full health preparation plan, this is a true-focused, life reset experience! Program is presented in group format of 8-12. Support and accountability. Welcome to new successful beginnings! 1 introductory session; 10 Reset sessions. Workbook provided. Release date, June 27, 2019

Awaken explores the depth of a person’s identity, from the Who am I to the Why am I? The ultimate self-discovery encounter. Includes a thorough investigation of self, goal setting & action planning skills, and one’s best career fit. Practical application. 30 sessions. Workbook provided. Release date, tbd.

More programs to come...