Individual Coaching - Seize the Day Life Coaching

Individual Coaching

At Seize the Day Life Coaching, we work on a one-on-one basis with individuals:

  • who are seeking insight into their ‘Who am I?’ and in this self-discovery want to know how to take the real self forward towards their purpose;
  • those wanting to discover their skills, strengths, beliefs, and values, to interact with these through action planning and goal setting, and to know how to release these onward to attain future goals;
  • and those wanting to understand how their past experiences may still influence them today, to learn to glean from these while being released of their burden.

We also offer life and life skills coaching through the combined 7 Elements of Health (emotional, mental, physical, social, relational, financial, and spiritual), as well as through Positive and Choice Psychology, bringing much needed balance and understanding to personal choices and positive attitudes. These essentials are interwoven. If one’s view becomes distorted as a result of barriers that affect one’s perspective, even subconsciously, the impact on even one area of health will skew others ~ wellbeing, in this, will not be able to function in fullness.

  • Emotional: Tackling bitterness, sadness, anger, etc.,  towards life satisfaction and joy
  • Mental: Moving from stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem to satisfying self-worth
  • Physical: Gaining motivation and accountability in achieving healthy lifestyle goals
  • Social: Concentrating on overcoming loneliness; support in seeking community
  • Relational: focus on healthy personal, family, or marital relationships & interactions
  • Financial: Seeking healthy personal finances & securing relief due to budgeting skills
  • Spiritual: Undertaking feeling distraught, troubled; moving to balance, peace, & hope

Positive Psychology:  Key human strengths enabling people to thrive & experience fulfilling lives. These include love, empathy, self-control, wisdom, commitment, happiness, self-respect, hope, and friendship.

Choice Psychology: From William Glasser of William Glasser International (Glasser Canada). An understanding that one’s personal behavioural choice is one’s best attempt at meeting the five basic needs, and in this, one has responsibility for the consequence reaped.