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What’s on my mind as 2018 comes to an end? Words…

I had a conversation recently about words, again. For the past many years, I set yearly words not resolutions. A word per year becomes my focus and reset button, allowing grace and self-forgiveness as I strive to become a better me. Resolutions, for me, set my driven personality on perfection mode leading to guilt and usually failure (if it’s not perfect, it’s a failure to A types). I needed a better method. Words. 

As I went through what was one of my hardest seasons, I chose the word ‘Breathe’ because I often needed to remind myself and my mind to hit the reset, it was ok, I would survive this!! …and, in this, I would literally take time to consciously be aware of my breathing and bring some peace in!! Other words over the years have included ‘Attitude’, ‘Believe’, ‘Laugh’, to name a few… These words served as reminders and challenges!

Last year, my word was ‘Health’! Did I mean eating better or sleeping more. Yes! And no. I meant big picture Health! The 7 elements of health… Physical, emotional, mental, social, relational, financial, and spiritual! My intention was to be mindful (not perfect) daily and to review weekly whether I offered myself and those I share life with even one bit of attention, blessing, or challenge, and, with that, opportunity for growth in each of the component. Or, again, did a week just pass and stuff got done? I wanted to intentionally address self-care and boundaries; to be more mindful of my own wellness gauge.

As the year unfolded, and what a challenging and toxic one it was, I
found myself redirecting my word to a number… a number set actually, that
repeatedly appeared in random place. A number that offered me a wonderful reminder and great strength! 3:16. I saw it on clocks. I saw it as addresses. I saw it on signs. And it this, I remembered my faith, a component of spiritual health. And I gained great peace and renewed life focus.

This year, I thought my word was insight as it was the word that had
been coming to me repeatedly but I learned last night, through the night, that my word was clearly SHINE! As I enter this New Year, I will enter it in full shine. Where hesitation grows, I will go forth and shine. Where fear tries to gain a foothold, I will shine instead. Where I am in my element, I will challenge myself to shine even brighter! Shine! With the gifts and talents and abilities I have, with the training and education and preparation I gained, with the life and passion I radiate, I will SHINE!

How do I choose MY word? I listen to my heart, seeking God’s wisdom into what I most need and as to where growth in this would bless the most. I find He reminds me that this word is His will for me as He, the Potter, shapes me. And, yes, I do mean that He at times literally brings my word to me when I need it most! My word is a spiritual discipline.

Do you have to be a Christian to get a word? No. I’m definitely not saying that! You simply need to be open to seeking your word. Look inside. Hear what your heart is saying to you. It’s within you. Be mindful of a word that keeps coming to you, you see it, you hear it, and you know, if you’re honest, that it represents the growth you need. Be observant to what message it brings whenever you see or hear it. Own it.

I challenge you. Might you consider a word this year? If you chose one, please share. What is your word and why?

Happy new opportunity for growth, self-discovery, and New Year everyone!

Liette Collier

Liette Collier is a certified CAN Life Coach and Facilitator with over 25 years in the human services industry, including 12 years as a personal finance coach.She has earned a Masters in Education, Bachelor in Psychology and Organization Management, as well as certification focused in Choice Psychology from Dr. William Glasser Institute (WGI).Now practicing in Moncton, New Brunswick — Liette has enjoyed a diverse professional background serving non-profit as well as for-profit organizations, specializing in Life Coaching, Personal Finance Coaching, Self-discovery, and Team Building.

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